Employment Cases Update

View your training record

To view your training record, you need to log on and click the your account link on the left hand side.

The Training Record displays:

  • Your Name and Organisation / status
  • The total number of hours and minutes of CPD taken in your training year
  • The Course Code for submission to your professional regulator (Please note: from 1 January 2015 barristers will also need to quote our unique CPD ID number, which is 2080, on the record card).
  • A list of the cases and other items where you have taken all or some of the CPD questions in that training year. You can review the answers you provided by following the link to the item and then click the 'view the CPD questions' link. When logged on, you can also see how many minutes of available CPD remain to be answered for each item under each case. NOTE: the date shown is the publication date of the item not the date you answered questions.

Your training record year is set by the date you selected in your account details. The site software automatically calculates how many minutes of CPD you have taken since your start date. For example, if you are a barrister and have selected January as your start date then the training record for 2010 will show the total hours and minutes you can claim for questions answered between 01/01/2010 to 31/12/2010. If you are a solicitor and your start date is November, the training record for 2010 will show all CPD taken for the year 01/11/2009 to 31/10/2010. If you are a legal executive, your training year starts in October so the training record for 2010 will show all CPD taken for the year 01/10/2009 to 30/09/2010.

You can print your training record by using the Print functions of your web browser (or press "ctrl + P") – this will produce a print-friendly version you can use to submit with your training log.

Barristers: you must successfully complete at least 3 questions (equivalent to 30 minutes of CPD) for the time to count towards your CPD requirements.