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Search help

We aim to make it as simple as possible to find what you need. Using just one simple search box, you can find specific cases or legislation or browse categories of content by date. Some hints on effective use of the search box are set out below:

Simple text search: Type a word or phrase in the box and the search engine will find any items containing that string of text with the most relevant item at the top of the list. That might be a case, an SI or a CPD questions

Filtering search by content type: you can search within a specific type of content by adding any of the following terms your search criteria: cases, legislation, cpd. For example searching for "discrimination cpd" will return a list of all items on the site that contains the word discrimination and also has cpd questions attached

Combining search terms: You can search for unconnected words within the text of a document by using a + in your query. For example discrimination + 2009 will return a list of all cases containing those two terms anywhere in the text, listed by relevance. Use this type of search to look for cases within a specific year

Try it out using the examples below:

1 - "cases": this shows a list of all cases published on the site, listed by publication date with the most recent first

2 - "cases unfair dismissal": will show a list of all cases containing the term unfair dismissal ordered by relevance

3 - "cases unfair dismissal + polkey": will show a list of all cases containing both the terms unfair dismissal and polkey, in order of relevance