Employment Cases Update

Exclusivity Terms in Zero Hours Contracts (Redress) Regulations 2015

Date published: 11/01/2016

In force from 11 January 2016

SI 2015 No. 2021

Section 27A(3) of the Employment Rights Act 1996 ('the 1996 Act') provides that a provision in a zero hours contract which prohibits the worker from doing work under any other arrangement is unenforceable.

Regulation 2 provides that individuals on a zero hours contract should not be unfairly dismissed or subjected to a detriment for a reason relating to a breach of a provision of a zero hours contract to which section 27A(3) of the 1996 Act applies.

Regulations 3 and 4 provide remedies for individuals, including compensation, by way of proceedings in employment tribunals.

Made: 14 December 2015
In force: 11 January 2016