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Consultant Editor:  Carol Davis of Littleton Chambers

Employment Cases Update is the UK's leading dedicated source of free to view employment cases, practice news and training.

We publish the only free access, consolidated index of UK employment cases, and have been doing so since 2010, which makes the site an unrivalled research tool for all employment lawyers, HR professionals, trade union reps and anyone else involved in employment litigation.

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Other employment law resources available from Bath Publishing

Employment Claims Toolkit
Value a claim and create accurate statements of loss online .
Try it now - your first case is free

Employment Tribunal Remedies Handbook 2015-16
The essental companion for an employment dispute resolution or Tribunal hearing. Over 100 employment law remedies explained and illustrated with worked examples.
2015-16 edition out now - order here.

Employment Claims without a Lawyer: A Handbook for Litigants in Person
Plain English, comprehensive guidance for claimants and employers about handling employment grievances and potential claims if you cannot afford a legal advice. 
Published October 2015 - order yours here